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JPeabody @ Colour Of Whispers 10/01/2022

Updated: Jan 11

I have been a little in holiday mode of late when it comes to blogging so tonight I thought that I better snap out of it and finally write the blog on Aussie performer, JPeabody that I have been meaning to for some time and seeing that he was playing at the new Colour Of Whispers or COW as its more affectionately known was all the incentive that I needed to pick up my notebook and pen and head on over.

Whisp Ampan, owner of COW has recently packed up stumps (as we say in Aussie land) and moved parcels creating a new look for Colour Of Whispers, and while the new venue no longer has the billabong it still has that unique Aussie feel with gum trees, and native Australia animals scattered about. There are plenty of places to sit back and chill if you don't feel like dancing and plenty of space on the grass if you do, but the cutest thing for me is the free cuddle cows that Lakey Bravin has made for Whisp to give away .Make sure you get one they are so adorable....ok before I get carried away about the cuddle cows lets talk about JPeabody.

For some reason I have not, until last week caught a full set of JP's, its always been a few songs here and there, so to listen to a complete hour twice now has been a wonderful treat as his voice is like a rich and decadent chocolate desert, you know the one that after the very first bite makes you feel like have found your nirvana. Such is the quality of his vocal range that I can easily imagine JP on stage in musicals like Phantom Of The Opera or Les Miserables and as his bio states "His vocal range surpasses the classical view of a Tenor and at times crosses into the Counter-tenor range."

Tonight JP started out with Human by the magnificent artist Rag n Bones Man, a song that I just love and an artist who's voice is totally at odds with his look, but one who is comfortable in his own skin as we all should be for afterall.......we are only human. Air Supplies, All Out Of Love and The Police , Every Breath You Take had me fast losing myself in JP's euphonious voice and after quickly pursuing his song list I requested Chris Isaacs Wicked Game. JP advised he doesn't sing that song often but would give it a go and after hearing it I think JP should sing it more often as it was beautiful. Billie Eillish - No Time To Die, Barry Manilow - I Write The Songs, Labryinth - Beneath Your Beautiful, The Greatest Showman - A Million Dreams, The Verve - The Drugs Dont Work, Swanee - Lady What's Your Name, Tina Turner - Nutbush, The Moody Blues -Knights In White Satin and Adele's - When We Were Young made for an eclectic set and which showcased JP's voice perfectly and showed what a versatile performer he is.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hour at the new COW and after saying my goodbyes I wearily headed on home to tuck myself into bed with my new cuddle cow.

Be sure to check out this amazing artist and also the venue when you can.... Note Whisp tells me there is still a billabong,I just missed seeing it.